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Will he …. Saturn is approaching its last year in Sag and will enter Capricorn next January. It will spend most of this year dancing in a square to Chiron in Pisces. Since the world seems to be suffering from a big fire-and- air crisis, Saturn and Chiron may bring some accountability. Sagittarius also has to do with justice, lest we forget. I am looking forward to , when Saturn enters Capricorn and Uranus enters Taurus….

Venus retrograde is a very interesting little transit. It occurs once every 18 months and last only 6 weeks. So personally, it is always a fruitful transit. Politically it is a whole other thing, however. Leaders fall. Wars start. Diplomacy goes haywire. Interestingly, this spring, Venus starts its retrograde pass in Aries but ends it in late Pisces — conjunct Chiron and squaring Saturn.

More on this in my March column…. Ah yes, Mercury retrograde!

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You gotta love it! Such a wee little planet and it can wreak such havoc.

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It goes retrograde in Capricorn on December 19th, and to make it more interesting, it retrogrades as it is moving across Pluto. As we know Pluto can act as a repressive force but in this case with Mercury turning retrograde, it looks to me as though it could mean revelation. Will a cover up be revealed, perhaps…. And yes, it is the day the Electoral College votes. The days that Mercury turns around are very chunky days. That will be one helluva new moon, great for inspiration.

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My advice is to keep the Sagittarian fires of hope and inspiration burning and avoid getting too heady. Too much headiness and one loses track of a sense of meaning. We all need to watch out for that.. And Jupiter and Uranus are opposed this month and until mid-March. Hmm, who does that sound like? We should all expect the unexpected in our own personal lives as well as globally. In other words, stay grounded. Do your work in the world and keep breathing.

Do yoga or some other spiritual practice.

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Engage in resistance and keep an open heart. We all have to work at staying calm— with Uranus hanging out on the earth axis we are all a bit raggedy.

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This upcoming stretch of Mercury retrograde will be very helpful for all of us so we can develop clarity about next steps and tune into our deep internal knowing. I really do apologize, although my incorrect astrological analysis is the least of our worries.

Because that is what happened — make no mistake about it. Like many of us, I have moved from grief to shock to rage and back to grief again, and finally to a renewed commitment to action. In this same period we saw the resurgence of a new civil rights movement through Black Lives Matter. Silly me. See what I mean? Pluto is very slow, and is at 15 degrees Capricorn, still in a very close opposition to the 13 degree Cancer Sun of the US. The shadow side of US history is exposed.

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  4. Keep in mind that Pluto is the slowest of slow planets and its orbit is over years.. So who gets to live long enough to have a Pluto return? It is unbelievably painful and traumatic and it always involves sacrifice and loss. But the Phoenix does rise out of the ashes. Look at that heart image on that photo of Pluto! This moment contains the opportunity to create a truly broad-based, inclusive liberation movement to resist the Trump regime and all it represents and to create a liberatory society.

    Saturn in Sag is plowing full steam ahead towards these planets by late December. He will be under immense pressure during December and January and into February well, duh. Then Saturn comes back to these points next July. The most interesting thing going on for him showed up in his own solar return, the birthday chart for his birthday. Mars retrograde in that chart also helped with that.

    Uranus on his Midheaven exaggerates his unpredictability, and he is already heavily influenced by Uranus in his birth chart.

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    More on the outlook of his gag presidency in my December column. Yes, two new moons.

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    That should keep us balanced! Last night brought us a pretty new moon in Libra with great aspects for getting things done and being happy about it. And they do it so naturally….

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    Saturn picks up speed this month, moving away from its square to Neptune. We will all start to feel some release. Of course, the North Lunar Node is parked in a square to Saturn all month. I recommend we do that especially as the month progresses. I am concerned that this configuration will bring out the martial side of Aries. Sorry to be grim. There are certainly plenty of places where conflict is already raging…. It could explode out from under him that week….

    Speaking of the Presidential candidates…. I believe that the global impact of whatever craziness the full moon brings will push the US electorate into a more serious frame of mind. And there is a new moon in Scorpio on the 30th, wonderful for deep insight and reflection. The month ends with planets that facilitate our capacity for sound decision-making.

    And what a new moon it is! It lines up perfectly with the Saturn Neptune square, and it pulls in Uranus as well.

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    The Saturn Neptune square is incredibly exact right now, and by the end of the month Saturn starts to pull away from Neptune and then bye-bye to this aspect. Many of us have been struggling in these deep waters and even getting wiped out. Saturn helps us set up some structures to navigate it. After ruminating on this I believe the Virgo new moon is a beautiful thing and is helping us really get real about handling this wave.

    Virgo is earthy, concrete, real.